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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Sometimes we just have to sit and think about what we have gone through in this life. It might looks simple yet might also bring us such a big meaning in present and future. Give and take is what we need to do in this life. No matter where we are, how we try to adapt and cope in life, always keep it in balance. Remember not to give too much and take too much. Again, appreciation can actually change a lot of things in us. 

We cry outloud or inside our heart, we laugh and sometimes we got mad, we feel like screaming, feel like yelling out loud in happy tears. Those things come from heart and at times, we might want some random people to be with us and listen. Random, yes, i mean it. Growing up in different environment from time to time really make me feel how small the world is and how small things in our life could make such a huge change in ourselves. It does impact our life as well. Things that we thought we could handle alone might not seem to be a good idea. But that is the time when we need to put our hand on our shoulder and tell ourselves that things are going to be just fine in the end. 

No matter how hard things could be, challenge ourselves to solve the invisible puzzles, complete the set wisely. It's like we're playing chess, where there should be a winner and loser at the end. Because real life does work that way. Choose to defeat and win. But bear, win does not necessarily means that we should stab people around. Even tolerate could makes us win as well. Act smart. And yes, once completed, new game will start again and again after every completion. Do not forget to enjoy it while we can.

Embrace and enjoy life as long as we could, because it has its expiry date. Awesome quote by an anonymous.

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