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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beauty In Me

For me, much of a woman's beauty comes from within..Its what you are inside that makes you exude beauty and confidence...anyhow, im might be not the correct person talking about skincare...because i do have skin probs since im in schools...but before tis im not really care about my skin so at the end it left scars....a lot of skincare ranges ive been used and tried...maybe some of it u dun eva heard the brand name...wakakaka!

as far as i remember, i started seriusly taken care of my skin is when im in Uitm...started to look gojes! hahaha....
so ive tried "baby face"...(ingat penyanyi jer ker de nama baby face?) wuuuu.....tis product is purely from Thai so dat moment wat i want is just to look great and i dun eva care bout the ingredient! dam! dam! it started to ruin my skin because my skin badly peeled....

as time goes by...just name me wat brand u want? all have been tried..all not suit to my skin needs..maybe its just temporary result....dun like it!

lastly, i started fall in luv with this product.....wat is it? jeng2....
Click to enlarge

after a few weeks i feel the different...my skin be more supple, brighter and the skin tone is more even! luv it.... hahahha! (atau aku yang perasan nie!) 
tak per lah sapa lagi nak memuji kecuali diri kau sendiri...

this is the latest n brand new me wit kose....teheee....

p/s: tak sabar tunggu qynisha adra zenia besar....nanti leh teman mama pegi kaunter kose ekk....wakakakka

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  1. memang cantik kulit awak..btw, gambar tak keluar, tp awak pakai produk kose yang lotion dia botol biru tu ek? ape ke name die .. sekkisei ek?

    ade kwn sy pun pakai yg tu jugak, pun cantik muka dia.. jeles pulak rasenye..