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Sunday, July 24, 2011

~tiReLessly Wor"King" or Work"Queen"~


do you work on weekend? i do. so it means that i have to let my lil sonshine go to school while my angel be with Mama Ros! Sowie darls..mama have to work!

Actually,if you find urself doing a little work on the weekends and not minding it, it doesnt have to be a bad thing! huhu...

so this weekend my office had involved with Hari Keusahawanan programme under MITI ~Ministry of International Trade and Industry~ started from 22 to 24 July 2011 @ Alor Tebiak, Jerlun Kedah. 

hurmm...lets pictas speak lahh...<=== malas doww!!!

ishhh! nie khas nak tunjuk kat kak linda okey!

Nie budak yang jatuh tertonggeng depan kedai keropok lekor..aduihhh! malu kauu...

sedia berkhidmat!

Eh! nie mesti ler...kak izah d awets muda okeh!

of coz....pretty ladies!

Kak linda (itam): sibuk touch up nak kasik tangkap gambo ngan dato' mukhriz..
ila (putih): x kesudahan bergambo ngan sign peace!

save the best for d last......sunburn ko muka haku! nak kena p facial lain neh....

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